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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about our development and pricing model.
  • How are you able to estimate my project so quickly?

    Past experience with projects allows us to understand the technical requirements quick enough to immediately provide you a rough quote.

  • Who is going to work on my project?

    We match developers and designers after a project has been started. The matching process allows us to pick the precise expertise that's need for your project. After the Project Kick-off, you'll receive detailed information about your Project Team.

  • How are you different from a freelancer marketplace or any outsourcing agency?

    At Cloudrocket, we love to create breakthrough solutions that help your business achieve a competitive advantage in an era of radical transformation.

    We've learnt that the process of most outsourced projects is less suitable for this, because those projects usually work from a fixed and clear overview of requirements.

    The results of creating a new and innovative concept are best when the visionaires and engineers are closely aligned. That's why we assign a Project Lead on every project, who will make sure your project fits your needs and stays on track.

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Pricing Guide

Try the filters below to get a better understanding of how we price projects.
Landing page or website
Great for validating new concepts
From €800
€5k - 8k
Matching service
€12k - 16k
Social Network or Community
€14k - 20k
Messaging App
€15k - 20k
Media Sharing
€25k - 30k
Directory or Informational guide
€5k - 8k
Data visualisation
€12k - 15k
Employee network
€14k - 18k
CRM Extension
€12k - 18k
API for sharing or gathering data
€8k - 10k
Online store
€1.5k - 3.5k
Chat bot
€3k - 6k
Interactive marketing landing page
€2.5k - 7k
Booking tool
€1.5k - 3.5k
€8k - 16k
Online game
€12k - 25k