Artificial and human at the same time

Cloudrocket combines top talents of the tech industry with artificial intelligence to bring best-in-class digital products to startups and organisations.

Better process, better results

We're rethinking software development through a better, streamlined process.

Your own personal Project Lead & Assistant

When you start a project with Cloudrocket, you'll get a personal Project Lead that will help you define the Project goals and create a detailed list of requirements of what you want to build. Your Project Lead will stay in close touch with you during the project, whilst status updates and feedback are handled automatically by Sara, our AI project assistant.

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Advanced bugs and delay prevention systems

Our Project Leads & AI Assistant keep track of the progress of various simultaneous projects, taking into account variables such as customer satisfaction, budget spend, rate of communication and project history. Besides, we'll use monitoring tools that alert us as soon as issues with a deliverable might come up.

Start and finish projects faster

After our quoting and team formation process, our project leads, engineers and designers are able to start significantly faster because they start with standardized requirement lists and up to 40% code re-used from select previous projects, as well as proprietary boilerplate packages and modified open-source software.

Truly the best experts, picked for your project

Over the years we've built a large network of the best talents out there. Our Talent Network consists of experts in different fields, some of whom even created award winning products. Because of our large network, we can establish a Project Team that contains the exact expertise your project needs, and allows us to quickly scale if your deadlines need us to. To find the best match, we use data points like on-time rates, project experience, code quality, peer reviews and timezone.

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The impact of human machine symbiosis

Rethinking software development comes with great impact. And we're just getting started. Here's some of our achievements to date.

4.3 hr

To generate a quote

56 hr

To form a team

90.6 %

Finished within budget

95 %

Customer satisfaction

Happy clients

20+ clients can't be wrong

We strive to deliver 5-star work on every project. Reviews help us improve even further.

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