We're the pulse of collaboration

We leverage an AI-powered Smart Platform and Talent Network to remove the barriers that come with traditional development models.

What makes us different

Our unique way of working makes building software products more accessible, reliable and efficient. Here's what makes us attractive.

You get solutions instead of code

Digital products don't work if they're not fit for their business environment. That's why we sit together with our clients and come up with great ideas in 1 or 2-day Sprints. We create a solution that matches your true needs, instead of just a bunch of code.

You can start immediately

Our streamlined development and sourcing model allows for unprecedented time to market. You can start your project today and - in most cases - watch a prototype come to life next week.

AI-powered Smart Platform Coming Soon

Once you start a project, you'll get access to a personalized dashboard in which you can see who's been working and when. You can keep track of updates, bug fixes and deployments. No need to wait for a Project Manager update.

You pay a fixed price

We believe visionaries and IT leads are looking for great solutions, not man hours. Software development is more transparent with a fixed quote. And once we quote you, we stick to it. No matter what.

Your product gets only the best talent

Access to the best talent of the world through our Talent Network allows us to pick out the best expertise for your project.

You get the extra miles included

The launch of a refined product doesn't happen without sweat and tears. Through years of experience, we've come to learn the devil is truly in the details. Our team is prepared to go the extra mile to deliver a truly great product.

You'll be as future proof as it gets

We work with leading-edge technologies to rapidly design, prototype and develop your product - sometimes even in a single step. This allows your business to move fast and experiment with new and innovative ideas.

Why Cloudrocket

How we compare with the others

From regular development agencies to freelancer websites and expensive enterprise integrators. There's thousands of development services out there. We've founded Cloudrocket to try a new approach to software development.
Traditional agencies
Freelancer marketplaces
Start project
0-7 days
1-4 months
1-2 months
1 month
Recruiting fee
Failure rate
Very Low
Very High
Termination costs
Very High

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