Processing and insighting large amounts of information has long been possible, but very time consuming and costly. We think that change will come in since 2016, and we'll tell you why this might be interesting for your start-up or organisation.

We have been hearing the buzz around big data for a number of years. But, of course, it is about something that mankind has struggled for decades: Processing and obtaining large amounts of information. That's actually been possible for a while, but it's very time consuming and so expensive. We think that change will come about in 2016, and we're happy to let you know why it might be interesting for your start-up or organization.

Big data is no longer reserved for academics and large organizations with resources resources. The ecosystem around big data is getting grown up. The hard work by the big companies has been done. Now, we see a rise of a variety of startups that focus on making easy access to large amounts of connected information.


For example, DataFox, a software platform that aggregates large amounts of data, can provide sales and marketing staff at the right time. For example, it searches the internet to find out which companies are affiliated with your existing customer base, and may therefore offer new sales opportunities.

The platform also retrieves thousands of Internet resources that a particular company is currently engaged in. Is it for example taken over? Or are there other developments that the industry of this company is currently playing? Datafox tells your sales staff when it's time to call that one prospect. And it also gives them a summary of relevant information that can be used for the sales call. You understand: This can make the difference between deal or no deal.


And then there's Thoughtspot. A kind of search engine trying to understand the underlying relationships and meaning of all the information you provide him. With this platform you can enter Excel sheets with different types of information: Stocks, delivery times, sales, new subscribers and more. In the background, Thoughtspot connects this information to each other and can search you as you would do in Google. This way you can better understand what happens in your organization and make informed decisions. For example, to optimize the production process, your product offer, or customer service.

Although software platforms like these are not yet commonplace and affordable, we will see enormous changes here in 2016 and the years afterwards. In the near future, companies will hardly make decisions without being substantiated with meaningful data, which is then fully automated to decision makers. That sounds very attractive, but it will be only when you are first. (And you are because you read this article!) When all companies switch to the use of big data in their business processes, the competitive advantage will obviously decrease.

Slowly, we are going to a world in which the use of Big Data by companies is self-evident. The industry becomes a lot more competitive because everyone can measure, calculate and optimize. The ratio is therefore literally everywhere. But what then?

Thinking of using Big data solutions?

At Cloudrocket, we believe that as a company in that rationalized era, you can achieve a great advantage when you first approach your customer as a human being. We see the chances for Big Data not only to simply increase sales, but to build a personal, emotional relationship with your customer. Combine ratio with a great deal of creativity, and you have a sustainable combination that will give your company a lead in a time of radical change and tough competition.